Marc-Andre Leger Available Now!

Moncton blues singer Marc-André Léger will release a long-awaited debut solo album on Tuesday, September 18, in the Empress Theatre in Moncton. The self-titled album is an opportunity for Marc-André Léger to steer away from pure blues and offer a unique style developed over the years with numerous shows in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Europe. The album contains 10 original compositions and features a variety of styles based mainly in roots and rock with a mix of funk, folk and blues. A second launch is to be held at the Caraquet Cultural Centre on Thursday, September 20.

“This first album is a reflection of my musical evolution over the years,” Marc-André said. ”It’s a long-term project and a very introspective.” Marc-André wrote both the music and lyrics for the CD. A couple’s relationship is a recurring theme on the album, a subject which Marc-André admits being fascinated by. “Love is special and mysterious at the same time, and I enjoy trying to discover its secret.” He kept them to himself for many years, but Marc-André is now ready to share his compositions, some of which he has already performed in various shows. “The album’s been in my CD player for far too long. It’s time to get it out there!” he said with a laugh.

Marc-André Léger was recorded in Moncton and Montreal. Musicians featured on the CD are Denis Hachey (drums), Rémi Arsenault (bass on one track, while other bass is from Marc-André), Jesse Mea (Wurlitzer and B4 organ), and Al Bourgeois (drums on one track). Marc-André worked with Montreal sound engineer Rob Heaney who did the mixing and collaborated on the production. The meticulous post-recording sessions work was something Marc-André admits he enjoyed very much. “It was a lot of work and I learned a great deal with the help of extremely talented individuals. Once you create an album, you really realize that everything related to the recording is as important.”

A Life of Music

Well-known on the Atlantic blues scene, Marc-André is a regular at the Caraquet en bleu blues festival where he will perform again this year. He has performed several times at the Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, the 2006 Festival international du blues de Tremblant in Quebec, and has just completed a tour in France and Switzerland, where he took part in the Festival Musique en été in Geneva.

A Moncton resident since 1998, Marc-André Léger is originally from Ontario and grew up in Trois-Rivières Québec. He was the bandleader of Bitter Blues Band (1994-1998) and Blues Central (1998-2002) and has been performing solo since 1993. Marc-André is widely recognized among musicians and aficionados alike as a solid innovator in the blues medium. His stage presence and approach are reminiscent of artists such as James Brown, Jimmy Vaughan and Albert Colins. As both a bandleader and solo artist, Marc-André brings his energy for blues and blues offspring to the stage, creating a frenzy of tight arrangements and intricate guitar work.

Marc-André Léger’s first solo album is available on iTunes and all major online stores.  More information at