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Sail On

In late 2008, Marc-André Léger decided to record an album that would capture the essence of his live performances. The first recording sessions started in October at Le Chat Noir in Carouge, Switzerland with live sound engineer Vernon Pace, with whom he had previously worked while playing at Le Chat Noir. After a break, the sessions proceeded in February 2009 and then again in May. After eight long months of mixing and post-production on his first acoustic album, his new opus Sail On, will be launched in November 2010.

The title song Sail On is a tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell’s Sail On Little Girl Sail On. This title song, which he has completely made his own, could possibly be a reflection on leaving everything behind to live the life one envisions. These eleven songs of pure blues, with no useless frills, are filled with a sincere admiration for those who have made blues history. On this album we find everything that his fans love about his live performances: the energy, the authentic sound, the genuine emotion, and especially his exceptional virtuosity on the guitar, along with his voice that warms the soul.

What Next?

Marc-André Léger is not new to the music scene. His first concerts date back to 1994. By 2004 he was playing more than 200 concerts a year. At that time he was mostly playing bars and blues festivals in Canada. In 2007, his first self-titled album came out and got him an ecstatic review in X-Roads Magazine: « Marc-André Léger has revealed himself to be the new conqueror with his brilliantly colored blues. From now on we must take note of him and this album is one heck of a calling card! » This album, more electric than Sail On, allows us to glimpse into his creative genius. He was the leader of a number of bands in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. He knows how to surround himself with great musicians. One year after his arrival in Europe, he put a trio together with Swiss musicians Guillaume Lagger on harmonica, and Xavier Longchamp on drums. They come from different musical backgrounds, they push the blues beyond the blues, and the blues back to its roots.